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Ice Hockey: Glossary (Page 5 of 5)

1- History & Object
2- The Essentials (Offense & Defense, Scoring, Etc.)
3- Rink Diagram and Positions
4- Fouls
5- Glossary of Hockey Terms

Assist: A pass that leads to a goal. Worth one “point” for statistical purposes.

Backhand shot: Using the back side of the stick to shoot.

Breakaway: Transition to offense when player beats the defense down the ice.

Checking: Legally hitting an opponent with the body (body check, hip check, etc.) or stick (stick check, poke check, sweep check, etc.) to dislodge the puck.

Clearing: Defensive strategy of hitting the puck out of the defensive zone.

Face off: The referee starts play by dropping the puck between two opponents.

Feeding: Passing the puck to a teammate to create a scoring opportunity.

Fighting: Fighting in the NHL results in a major penalty with additional time for instigating. In general, the younger the level of play (youth, high school, college), the less fighting is tolerated and players are usually ejected and suspended.

Flat pass: A pass along the surface of the ice.

Flip pass/shot: A pass or shot made by flipping the puck in the air off the ice.

Forechecking: Offensive strategy of checking an opponent in their defensive zone to try to force a turnover.

Game misconduct: Flagrantly dangerous play results in ejection and possible suspension.

Hat trick: One player scores three goals in a single game. If the home team scores a hat trick, fans will often throw hats onto the rink.

Icing: Infraction for delaying the game by shooting the puck from one half of the rink across an opponent’s goal line.

Major penalty: Five-minute time penalty for more severe fouls.

Minor penalty: Two-minute time penalty for less severe fouls. Penalty ends if opponent scores.

Misconduct: Penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Results in a ten minute suspension with immediate substitution.

Odd-man-rush: Offensive advantage gained (two-on-one, three-on-two, etc.) on the transition to offense. Often leads to a goal.

Offsides: Infraction for entering the attacking zone before the puck.

One-time: A shot taken immediately after a pass, without first controlling the puck.

Penalty kill: Defensive strategy of stalling until an opponent’s power play ends.

Penalty shot: Severe foul that prevent a likely goal on a breakaway. Fouled player then goes one-on-one with the goalie. Called infrequently.

Power play: Advantage while the other team serves a time penalty.

Rebounding: Goals are often scored when a shot bounces off the goalie or boards.

Save: A blocked shot by a goalie.

Screen: Blocking the goalie’s view by standing in front of him.

Slap shot: Powerful shot taken with a swinging motion of the stick.

Wrist shot: Controlled shot using a flicking motion of the wrists.


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