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Ice Hockey: Rink and Positions (Page 3 of 5)

1- History & Object
2- The Essentials (Offense & Defense, Scoring, Etc.)
3- Rink Diagram and Positions
4- Fouls
5- Glossary of Hockey Terms

(Diagram coming soon. See descriptions below.)

Blue lines: Two blue lines divide the rink into three main sections: a defending zone, neutral zone, and attacking zone. These lines are important for offsides calls.

Face off circles & spots: Area where play is restarted with face-offs.

Crease: Area in which players without control of the puck may not interfere with the opposing goalie.

Penalty box: Area where players are sent to serve time penalties.

Boards: Walls surrounding the rink. The puck is still in play after touching the boards.

Goal line: Important for icing calls.

Center line: Line dividing the rink in half. Important for icing calls.

Six players are on the rink at all times: three forwards, two defensemen, and a goalie. Substitutions are frequent and occur as “line changes,” both during play and during stoppages, where an entire group of three forwards or two defensemen rotate out for a fresh line of players.

Forwards: One center and two wings lead the offense in pursuit of points. Must be fast skaters, good puck handlers, and strong shooters.

Defensemen: Two specialists focus on protecting the area in front of the goal. These aggressive players frequently check opponents and excel at skating backwards in transition. On offense, they typically play on the perimeter and can have lethal slapshots.

Goalie: Player who attempts to block shots taken at the goal.

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