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Athlete Testimonials

“Watching football for the first time can be intimidating. After reading the SportSpectator guide, the fan will better understand football concepts, rules, positions, and terminology. Even spectators who have watched many games can benefit from this guide.”
Chase Lyman
NFL Professional Player
New Orleans Saints

“SportSpectator breaks baseball down to the fundamentals necessary to understand the game. This guide presents the game in a format that is clear and easy to understand. The casual fan can learn a lot by reading this guide.”
John Gall
Major League Baseball (MLB) Professional Player
St. Louis Cardinals

"This product does what a rulebook can’t—it condenses the essentials of soccer into a simple, digestible format that is appropriate for the sports fan. Unlike a rule-book, you can read the entire SportSpectator guide during halftime. I now coach soccer at the youth level and recommend that parents pick up a copy to learn about the sport."
Patrick Fisher
Former MLS Professional Player
Captain Cal Men’s Soccer Team
All-Pac 10 Player

“A clear, accurate, and effective introduction to basketball basics. If you’re looking for a concise explanation of the sport of basketball, I highly recommend you pick up a SportSpectator guide.”
JD Simpson
Duke University Men’s Basketball Team
2001 NCAA National Champion

“My parents built their knowledge of volleyball over years of attending games. The SportSpectator guides help spectators skip that initial state of confusion. This game-time reference is great for moms, dads, grandparents, and friends who are new to the sport.”
Kim Coleman
UCLA Women’s Volleyball Setter
1997 NCAA Single-Season Assist Record (1646)
Highest all-time UCLA Single-Season Assist Average (14.96)

"Knowing how to swim and understanding competitive swimming are two entirely different things. In addition to covering the basic types of strokes, this guide provides information on the events, team scoring, and more. After reading the SportSpectator swimming guide, the fan is well prepared to watch a competitive swim meet."
William Quist
Cal Swimmer
Olympic Qualifier 200M freestyle

“The SportSpectator softball guide presents the concepts of the sport in a simple, understandable format. This guide provides the essentials a fan needs to know to enjoy the game.”
Stephanie Swenson
UCLA Softball Team
1999 NCAA National Champion
1998 UCLA Strikeout and Wins Leader
2000 UCLA ERA leader (.81)

“Field hockey could DEFINITELY use a resource like SportSpectator. It took my parents 8 years to finally understand the rules and once they got it, I was done playing. I think they still go to games just because they actually enjoy the sport now!”
Anne Rippetoe Sharf
Captain, Yale Field Hockey Team
ECAC Champion
5th All-time Yale Career Assists

“Water polo is one of the most confusing sports to watch if you don’t know the basic rules or strategies of the game. SportSpectator packs the essentials of water polo into a pocket-sized guide.”
Lindy Spieker
Cal Women’s Water Polo Team

"As a former college lacrosse player and former high school coach, it's exciting to see the sport expanding so rapidly. Unfortunately, most west coast parents won't have a clue about the sport because it is traditionally played only on the east coast. Teams should just pass out SportSpectator guides to parents when the kids sign up. I can't think of a better introduction to the game."
Heather Pertel
John Hopkins University Women’s Lacrosse
4-time Centennial Conference Champion
Three-time NCAA Tournament Player (2 final-four appearances)

“SportSpectator does a great job of condensing the basics of track and field. The track and field guide can easily be reviewed in-between events at a meet.”
Gina Shoemaker
UCLA Track & Field Team
Pac 10 Champion

“Lacrosse is an exciting sport to watch once you understand the game. Coaches and players—put SportSpectator guides into the hands of your fans. Their understanding and enjoyment of the game will undoubtedly improve.”
Ross Stensrud
UCSD Assitant Lacrosse Coach
Captain, UCSD Lacrosse Team (2004)
WCLL All-Star
Academic All-American

“As a wrestling coach for 9 years, I’ve seen hundreds of confused parents and friends of players at meets that could have benefited from the SportSpectator guides. What a great initiation to the sport!”
Nick Testa
High School Wrestling Coach
CCS Coach of the Year

“I’ve played and watched football my entire life and consider myself very knowledgeable about the game. I was surprised that the football guide had facts that I didn't even know!”
Chad Heydorff
UC Berkeley Football Team
California JC Receiving Record 1999

“There are countless resources out there that teach golf tips for the golfer. The SportSpectator guide takes a different approach—it is written for the golf spectator. This guide provides the golf fan with an amazing summary of a very complicated sport!”
Del de Windt
Stanford Golf Team

“The SportSpectator tennis guide does an excellent job explaining the sport. I enjoyed reading it so much that I also picked up other guides in the series for sports that I don't understand, like golf!”
Mary Ann Bogart
UC Davis Women’s Tennis Team
California State Doubles Champion (Ojai Valley Tennis Tournament)

Spectator Testimonials

“…one of the finest primers about the basics of the sport I've seen. Within the 10 minutes or so it takes to digest this well researched and presented effort, the reader will be fully prepared to view, enjoy, and understand the game.”
Michael, California

“This most excellent, informative and easy to use pocket guide concisely explains the essentials of sports in a direct, easy to understand language.”
Hardy, California

“instant 'Cliff Notes' on sports…This guide, like the others in the series is a great boon to the newbie!”
Ava, Oregon

"For a mere five bucks, I gained a greater appreciation for the sport AND improved my relationship... priceless!"
Jenny, California

"These guides are great! The format is so easy to use and the content easy to understand. I'm going to buy the whole set so that I can understand and enjoy watching the sports my husband and kids watch on t.v."
Janet, California

“It's perfect for the avid fan to initiate the novice friend, relative, or spouse to the joy of the sport. I can't rate it highly enough.”
Michael, California

"These guides are a great resource. I wish that I had them when my kids were playing sports. They would have increased my enjoyment of the sport immensely!"
Sue, Washington

“As the title suggests, this product really is a fan's best friend.”
Marc, California

"Every parent would benefit by having this guide in hand while attending his/her student athlete's competition. [This guide] is easy, easy, easy to understand. I highly recommend it."
Jane, California

“My only criticism is why I didn't think of this incredible idea.”
Victor, California

“I found the SportSpecatator brochures to be clearly written, comprehensive, and 'user-friendly' in format and style.”
Jerry, Oregon

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