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List of best sports movies of all time

What are the greatest sports movies of all time? We've put together our list of the top sports movies and provided links to other official sports movie lists. Below to the left are the top sports movies of all time categorized by sport. To qualify, each movie had to be previously ranked in an official top sports movie list such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Palm Beach Post, etc. We have also included the rankings by other sources below to the right.

SportSpectator Rankings

Other sources movie rankings

Baseball Movies
1. Field of Dreams
2. Bull Durham
3. The Natural
4. A League of Their Own
5. Eight Men Out
6. Bad News Bears
7. Bang the Drum Slowly
8. Major League
9. The Rookie
10. Pride of the Yankees
11. 61*
12. Cobb
13. Baseball- A film by Ken Burns
14. Damn Yankees
15. Fever Pitch
16. It Happens Every Spring
17. The Bingo Long Traveling All Stars & Motor Kings

Basketball Movies
1. Hoosiers
2. Hoop Dreams
3. White Men Can't Jump
4. Glory Road
5. Coach Carter

Bowling Movies
1. King Pin
2. The Big Lebowski

Boxing Movies
1. Raging Bull
2. Rocky
3. Million Dollar Baby
4. Cinderella Man
5. When We Were Kings
6. Hurricane
7. Ali

Cycling Movies
1. Breaking Away

Extreme Sports Movies
1. The Endless Summer (Surfing)
2. Dogtown and Z-Boys
3. Downhill Racer (Skiing)
4. Rollerball
5. Big Wednesday (Surfing)

Football Movies
1. The Longest Yard
2. Rudy
3. Remember the Titans
4. North Dallas Forty
5. Brian's Song
6. Jerry McGuire

Golf Movies
1. Caddyshack
2. Tin Cup
3. Happy Gilmore
4. The Greatest Game Ever Played
5. A Gentlemen's Game

1. Teenage Dream

Hockey Movies
1. Slap Shot
2. Miracle
3. The Deadliest Season

Horseracing Movies
1. Seabiscut
2. National Velvet
3. Phar Lap

Martial Arts Movies
1. Enter the Dragon
2. The Karate Kid
3. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
4. Fists of Fury

Pool (Billiards) Movies
1. The Hustler
2. The Color of Money
3. Poolhall Junkies

1. This Sporting Life

1. Bend it Like Beckham
2. Victory
3. Goal!

1. Pat & Mike

Track Movies
1. Chariots of Fire
2. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

Weight Lifting
1. Pumping Iron
2. Stay Hungry

Wrestling Movies
1. Vision Quest
2. Beyond the Mat (Pro Wrestling)

Games & other competitions
1. Rounders (Poker)
2. Best in Show (Dog Show Spoof)
3. Searching for Bobby Fischer (Chess)
4. Word Wars (Scrabble Documentary)
5. Spellbound (Spelling Bee Documentary)
6. Quizshow (Gameshow Documentary)

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