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NFL Season

NFL Intro (1 minute)
NFL Structure (2 minutes)
NFL Season (2 minutes)
NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl (2 minutes)
NFL Draft (1 minute)
NFL Players and Info you Should Know (3 minutes)
NFL Teams (4 minutes)

Preseason (also called Exhibition)
Each team plays four practice games before the season starts. The preseason is not an accurate predictor of how the season will progress. Not all of the starters play in these games, so it is good opportunity for rookies and non-starters to get experience in game-time settings.

Regular Season
The regular season starts in September, and 16 games are played in 17 weeks (each team has 1 "bye" week, during which it gets the week off). Most games are played throughout the day on Sunday. There is one game played every Sunday night. Additionally, one game is played every Monday night, known as Monday Night Football.

Inside the conference, each team plays the 3 teams in their division twice in the season, all 4 teams from another division once, and the teams from the other 2 divisions that finished in the same place the previous season (e.g. we finished 3rd , so play the other 3rd place finishers from last year). Outside of the conference, teams play 4 games each season, all against a single division from the other conference.


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