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NFL Players and Info

NFL Intro (1 minute)
NFL Structure (2 minutes)
NFL Season (2 minutes)
NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl (2 minutes)
NFL Draft (1 minute)
NFL Players and Info you Should Know (3 minutes)
NFL Teams (4 minutes)

Players You Should Know
The most well-known players are the top quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers. You should learn the names of the quarterback, running back, and main wide receiver on your team. You should also know some of the key players throughout the league. We've put a brief list of some of the better known current NFL players below. Another good place to see who the best players are is to view the Pro-Bowl list from the last year, which is essentially the NFL equivalent of an all-star. You can also view the best all-time players in the Hall of Fame.

Current QBs: Payton Manning, Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Michael Vick
Current WRs: Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, Steve Smith, Marvin Harrisson
Current RBs: Ladainian Tomlinson, Reggie Bush, Larry Johnson, Shaun Alexander, Clinton Portis

Recent Super Bowl Champions
XLI: Indianapolis Colts def Chicago Bears (29-17) in 2007
XL: Pittsburg Steelers def. Seattle Seahawks (21-10) in 2006
XXXIX: New England Patriots def Philadelphia Eagles (24-21) in 2005
XXXVIII: New England Patriots def. Carolina Panthers (32-29) in 2004
XXXVII: Tampa Bay Buccaneers def. Oakland Raiders (48-21) in 2003

Most Championships by Franchise
Green Bay Packers 12
Chicago Bears 9
New York Giants 6
Colts, Steelers, 49ers, Redskins, and Cowboys tied with 5


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