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Bowling Alley Diagram (Page 4 of 5)

1- History & Object
2- The Essentials (Scoring, Etc.)
3- Formats (Open, League, Etc.)
4- Alley diagram
5- Glossary of Bowling Terms

(Diagram will be added soon. See below for description.)

Field of Play
The playing area can be divided into 4 major sections:

Approach: Area in front of the lane from which the bowler throws the ball. Bowlers must not cross the “foul line,” located at the end of the approach, when they throw the ball or they will be called for a “scratch” and the score for that throw is 0. In the approach are also “lines,” “dots,” and “arrows” to help align a bowler before he throws the ball.

Lane: Oiled surface that the ball travels down. On each side of the lane are “gutters” that catch the ball if it travels off of the lane. Marked on the lane are “boards” and “arrows” used to help with aiming. Also called the alley.

Pin deck: Area where the pins are set up. The pins are placed on 10 markings call “pin spots.”

Pit: Area behind the pin deck where the ball and pins are collected.

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