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March Madness Information

Tournament Basics
Picking your Bracket
March Madness Glossary
What People Will Talk About

1. Stay up on tournament progress by:
-Reading the headlines
-Watching nightly sports shows on ESPN

2. Below is a list of the types of things people will be talking about and some statistics that you can work into a conversation.

Before the seedings come out:
Who will make it, who won’t.
Who will be the #1 seed?
Who is on the bubble?
The outcome of last year (Florida defeats Ohio State 2007).

Things you should remember from last year (2007).
1- Florida defeated Ohio State in the championship game.
2- Florida repeats 2006 victory.
3- Very few upsets. An abnormally high number of favorites won. Typically, you can expect several "Cinderella" stories to make it far in the tournament.

Once the seeds come out:
The # 1 seeds. (In 2007: UNC, Kansas, UCLA, Memphis)
Who got snubbed? Article.
Who got a good/bad seeding?
Which section is toughest?
Who is going to win/ bracket?


Once the tournament starts
First round: Big upsets (in the first two rounds, a #1-6 seed losing/ low seed winning)
Second round: Big upsets or advancement of low seed/Cinderella story.
After that: Cinderella stories and who is going to win it all.

Other statistics

Last five outcomes
2007: Florida defeated Ohio State
2006: Florida defeated UCLA
2005: North Carolina defeated Illinois
2004: Connecticut defeated Georgia Tech
2003: Syracuse defeated Kansas

Most total championships per school
Kentucky 7
Indiana 5
North Carolina 4
Duke 3